Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Things About St. Louis

1. I probably shouldn't admit this because it might technically be illegal, but in the two years I lived in St. Louis, and the four (I think) times I visited, I never ate any frozen custard. Never stood in the massive line at Ted Drewes, never even bought any in the supermarket. I know. Right up there with having a really bad answer to "Where'd you go to High School?" But I can now say that I've at least partially remedied the situation - not the High School thing, just the custard. And the place I got the custard is very cute. The Concrete Factory, at the intersection of Routes 44 and 74 in Ashford, doesn't look like Ted Drewes. It looks like a farm stand and little garden store in an old white house with a lovely front porch. Which it is, basically. Frozen custard, Connectified.

2. This is random: the above picture of the Gateway Arch, which I took several years ago, was selected to be in an online guidebook. Well, hopefully it's not random. I still feel some connection to St. Louis, and I hope that though I moved away I'm not done with it yet. I still feel connected to the city somehow, and if that connection is currently expressing itself in custard and old photos, that's just fine.

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