Thursday, December 23, 2010

You Can't Smoke the Fake Ones

So there's this "news" story, which isn't even "news" anymore but which cracked me up, in a CT-centric kind of way, when I first read about it. According to, hmm, it seems like maybe just one or two TV news stations, troubled suburban children have taken to smoking or snorting nutmeg to get high. It's always amused me that nutmeg can kill in large doses. I originally wanted to call this blog Nutmeg Poisoning, but obviously I didn't. Now that I think of it, Smoking Nutmeg would be a good name for a blog too. Anyway, inhaling the spice can cause hallucinations. (As can spending too much time here. Although the original nutmegs might have been fake.)

As far as other seasonal flavorings go, peppermint - at least in the form of crushed candy canes - seems to be harmless. I hope.

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