Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You know those little things that you don't understand and they drive you crazy for a few minutes and then you figure you'll never find out the explanation anyway so you forget it and then you're reminded of it again a while later and it starts bugging you again and this repeats itself for decades? I found out the answer to one of them. There are these bumper stickers I've seen for years, depicting an anchor in a circle with a slash through it. Each time I see one I ponder what it could possibly mean. Anti-boat? Opposed to some sort of deep-sea fishing? Who knows. But then I happened to pick up a copy of the Resident, and therein I learned that they simply mean the driver is from Noank. No anchor. Noanker. Ha!

I've always felt that there was some sort of code book handed out to each family in Connecticut in the 1700s and passed down through the generations. If you came later than that you just don't get one, and therefore much of your life is spent in a state of semi-confusion. "Why...?" you ask yourself, about some local mystery. "Where...?" And then you stop, and figure it's not for you to know. So although this bit of trivia was printed openly in a widely available free paper, I'm still inordinately pleased to know it, as if I've deciphered a bit of the code.

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  1. My first summer in Noank, I didn't know what they meant either. Thought it had something to do with opposition to the navy using an anchorage to mothball ships.



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