Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ask Me About Ledyard!

A while ago I saw this episode of Made on MTV (why yes, I am over 30, why do you ask?) where the girl was, I don't remember exactly, I guess a shy nerdy type, and she wanted to be made into a beauty queen type. Her coach wanted her to enter some kind of pageant in her hometown, which happened to be Ledyard. And the first thing she was forced to do to increase her general perkiness was to stand in the middle of some busy tourist attraction (Disneyworld, maybe) wearing a giant sign that read, "ASK ME ABOUT LEDYARD!" That's what I think of whenever I hear anything about Ledyard now. (And Colonel William Ledyard getting run through with his own sword which he'd just presented to a British officer as a gesture of surrender, but mostly the MTV thing.)

I was so lost in Ledyard the other day. I think it was because the directions I was attempting to follow were written before that little quasi-highway to Foxwoods was built. Anyway, I've now seen a lot of Ledyard. I passed the Up-Down Sawmill, which is on my list of local things to see, and now that I found it by chance I'm convinced I'll never find it again. And I found a winery, with a garden with little birdhouses topped by old license plates (New Jersey, but whatever) that were completely adorable. So now I have some other things to associate with Ledyard, though I'm sure that sign will still be the first.

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