Friday, September 9, 2011

Ooh, Shiny

I went to New Canaan. I wore black, possibly violating several local ordinances. I jay-walked, almost certainly violating several local ordinances. I parked in a pay lot that was surely designed to prevent people like me (i.e., outsiders) from comprehending the rules, therefore encouraging us to leave the perfect, pastel-clad residents of New Canaan alone. But I got bracelets!! Amazonite, the blue one, which is calming. And aventurine, the green, which stimulates business opportunities, especially for the self-employed. OK, it's hokum, but whatever. I need those things! (The labradorite and silver bracelet is old, from Israel via St. Louis.) So why did I need to go to New Canaan for these?

The fact is, one thing Connecticut is (in my experience) unrivaled for, is little stores selling dependable, quality, inexpensive, primarily silver jewelry. The stores I know of are Pennyweights in New Canaan, Silver Ribbon in Westport, and AK Dasher in Stonington. I've known people to travel hundreds and thousands of miles, if not solely to stock up at these stores, then at least to take advantage of them while they're here. (If there are more such stores, I'd love to find them.) I bought these heart studs too. Maybe I'm having an early mid-life crisis; maybe I want to be 14 again. (Though 14-year-old me would never have been caught dead in heart anything.) But they were about $4.00. So whatever. And I got out of New Canaan without being hounded out by the perfection police. Which I'm totally sure they have there. So that was a good day.

(By the way, although every time I go to New Canaan I feel like my very existence is illegal, the girls working at Pennyweights are always unfailingly sweet.)

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  1. Actually, in all of Connecticut there are no jaywalking laws or proscriptions, none. That's not to say that a pedestrian has the right of way wherever he finds himself, that's what cross-walks are for.



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