Thursday, September 15, 2011

Should We Talk About The Weather

I often wonder why I persist in moving to places where it gets cold, knowing that each winter will be more miserable then the one before. And yet, for some reason, I haven't decided to live in Miami yet. Now, in this limbo season, sort of still summer, but not yet fall, I think I figured it out. As much as I hate cold, I like change more. I keep waiting for the fall, knowing it will hit suddenly. Because one thing you can say for the weather around here, it's good for people who get bored easily.

And it always has been. Timothy Dwight, born in 1752, was a minister and president of Yale. In 1821 he wrote a book titled Travels In New-England and New-York. It includes the following description:

"To the observations already made concerning the climate of this country, I will now add a number of others, which will be necessary, in order to furnish a complete view of it. My first subject shall be the weather.

Perhaps the greatest inconvenience, suffered by the inhabitants of New-England, is derived from the changes in the state of the atmosphere. I have mentioned an instance, in which the thermometer of Fahrenheit indicated a variation of forty eight degrees of temperature in twenty four hours. This was an extraordinary and perhaps a singular fact: but a violent North-West wind not unfrequently produces, within that period, a variation of more than twenty and sometimes of more than thirty degrees. These frequent mutations are disagreeable, to say the least; and, it is believed, are injurious to health. The changes, also, from wet to dry, and from dry to wet, are at times frequent, unpleasant, and probably unhealthy."

As I write this a slightly violent wind, direction undetermined, is blowing the blinds away from the window and straight into the room. I look forward to the twenty degree variation in temperature that may follow.

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