Monday, October 3, 2011


Leaves used to just appear, on time - whatever that was - and last for months. You didn't have to try to see them, you certainly didn't have to go anywhere special to see them, they were simply there. Or maybe I'm making that up. This year I'm worried about the leaves. Suddenly people are talking about going leaf-peeping in Maine or Vermont right now, but here, the leaves on the trees are still bright green. So I'm starting to fret: are they skipping us this year? Does it take weeks for the Autumn cold to move down to Southern New England from the North? It certainly feels cold enough, in the mornings anyway, but the trees stay green. (And I hate the phrase "leaf-peeping." Are they hiding from us? Didn't we once just...look at them? ) Then there are those brown leaves that somehow end up on the ground, having apparently skipped the step of changing on the branch. Maybe they were always there, every year, and I never noticed them. But - as if I didn't have other things to worry about - they worry me...

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