Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Lived On A Mountain/Drank From a Stream Instead Of a Fountain

I'm not in Montana. But I would like to be. Since I first saw it, 6 years ago, I've had this thing about moving there. Even though I realized later that it would be completely impractical for almost every reason, I still sometimes think about it. I find myself on Google street view, zooming along the streets of Missoula, just to turn the corner and find the mountains looming ahead. Mountains! Right there, visible from the middle of downtown! I guess it's the way land-locked people would feel about moving somewhere by the sea.

Montana's not the only place I think about moving to, but it was going to be my next place, and weirdly, people seem to remember that. People who forget everything else about me will say, "Didn't you want to move to Montana?" I wonder, is there something Montana-ish about me that makes them remember that, particularly? I don't think there is. I think, in fact I might be not very good at living in Montana at all. It seems like it would involve lots of tire chains and Patagonia fleeces and white-water rafting and special organic meat. And so I make lists of where the best place to live for me would be, and I come up with pretty much exactly where I live now. And then I check prices of flights to Great Falls.

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