Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Ops

About  three years ago I began participating in a project that involved taking a picture (or a lot of pictures) every day for a year. I kept it up until recently, though after that first year the amount of days I took pictures dropped off substantially. I learned a lot of things from that project, and one major lesson was that Connecticut (Eastern Connecticut, especially) is an excellent place to take pictures.

When you have to take a picture every day, you start to look around much more carefully at every place you go. You have to be alert on every drive or walk, because something interesting might be lurking just up ahead. And I found that Eastern CT is packed with such interesting things. There's so much here that hasn't yet been smoothed over by the ugly, shiny pall of conformity that ruins so many other places.

And in such a small area, all those pretty or amusing or improbable sights are crammed in close together. Now that it's become a habit for me to look, I can't go a few blocks without spotting something worth stopping for. And when I can't stop, the memory of the missed opportunity irks me until I return to the scene - either on purpose or by accident - and can finally capture the image and store it away in a file.

And that explains why (if you were wondering) I'm posting pictures of what would have seemed, a few years ago, like just a cute but forgettable way of decorating a fence.

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