Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inland Sound

I read an article recently that quoted a Stonington resident who said, “I think Connecticut forgets it has a coastline.” I think this is true, because I know the opposite is true: the coastline often forgets it has the rest of Connecticut.

I've wondered on occasion where the coastal part of this state ends and the inland part begins. Where does fishing turn to farming? If Odysseus lived in Connecticut, how far would he have to walk before he reached a place where no one recognized an oar?

Is it at the northern borders of the southernmost line of towns? Is it further up than that, several towns in, as long as some claim to being near the beach holds true? Or is it at the shore itself, just the narrowest strip of land along the Sound, the part of the Connecticut map that looks like a long, raggedy tear in a piece of notebook paper?

And what about rivers? Is Hartford coastal at all, or Norwich, or any of the towns whose rivers define them and tie them to the sea?

And if I could answer all those questions, would I know what to make of sights like this?

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