Monday, May 6, 2013

Pack It In

I'm still sort of in travel mode this week.

One side of travel that I love to read about almost as much as the actual,, is the practical aspect, e.g. "What am I supposed to pack?!" I like silly fashion blogger fantasy lists and enviably pared down lists by people who are far more extreme minimalists than I am. So I thought I'd make my own list.* When I went to Louisiana last month, I wanted to take as little as I could (reasonably) get away with. I haven't checked a bag in years, and never will again if I can help it, and I didn't want to drag a huge heavy carry-on through three airports. So I went with that old mainstay of packing advice: pick a color scheme. Since almost everything here is in the black/blue/white family, it's all mix-and-matchable.

1. Sandals: tan leather, comfortable for walking.
2. Bag: fits laptop, manila folders, notebooks, wallet, phone, glasses, camera, miscellaneous chargers, a water bottle, and a snack. Yet somehow doesn't look like a big bag of crazy.
3. Carry-on - a black zip-top bag that I've had for longer than I can remember. There are probably people who can fight in wars who are younger than this bag. It zips up into a tiny square, but even when stuffed it fits easily into an overhead bin.
4. Flats: they roll up and weigh nothing and are easy to take off and put on at the airport.

1. Jacket: army green goes with everything.
2. Cardigan: a long white layer helps to de-New-York-ify a mostly black wardrobe.
3. Skirt: cornflower blue, below-knee.
4. Sweater: navy crew-neck.
5. T-shirts: one short-sleeve and one 3/4-sleeve, in black.
6. Pants: black cotton wide-legs with a wide stretchy waist-band, great sitting in uncomfortable plane seats.
7. Dress: black cotton maxi.
8 & 9. Scarves. I wore these both separately and woven together; I also tied them around the strap of my bag.

So there you have it - a packing list that will work whether you're visiting Connecticut, or leaving it.

*The drawings are by my mom. Who usually draws cute greeting cards but who happily sketched me and my stuff for this post. (She has never seen what happens to my hair in the South.)

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