Monday, May 27, 2013


I'm not a huge celebrator of anniversaries, probably because I have such a bad memory for them. (Note to future husband: you will not have to remember the date we get married. Also, I could care less about birthday presents and I hate Valentine's Day with an irrational passion! Oh, and I can bake. See what you're missing right now?) It took me four years of blogging to remember to do a blogiversary post, for example. (And I typed three years just then, I had to go back and check.)

But yesterday I chanced to see a headline about the Indy 500, and that made me realize this weekend marks the 6th anniversary of my moving back to Connecticut. I don't normally remember the date of the Indy 500, either, but it just so happens that on one of the days I was driving home to Connecticut with all my belongings crammed in my old Civic, I had to drive through Indianapolis. And it was the day of the Indy 500. And I thought, Oops. This is going to be a nightmare. But it was fine. As I recall, it was just like every other time I'd driven half-way across the country: I didn't encounter any traffic till I hit Greenwich.

Since then I've lived in two (technically three, if you count the crashing-at-parents' phase, or four, if you count living in the same town twice) Connecticut towns. I've learned to appreciate (that's some stoic New England-y understatement, there) the state I once fled.

I'm not going to attempt to write anything terribly meaningful about this anniversary, but here's one thought. There's a lot of talk about getting college-aged people to stay in Connecticut. Which is fine. But maybe some of that energy, or money, or whatever the powers that be are spending on that goal, should be directed at getting, how shall I say it, significantly post-college-aged people to return. I'm envisioning a TV spot of dramatic Connecticut locations, with the Pet Shop Boys cover of Always On My Mind playing.

Or something like that.

Happy long weekend, and thank you to all who have served and sacrificed to keep our flag flying as beautifully as it is at Stonington Point, above.

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