Friday, November 22, 2013

The Size of My Apartment, Part 2

Having recently moved into my fourth Connecticut apartment in seven years (I wrote about the third here) I thought it was time for another apartment post.

This is the first place I have ever lived with adequate heating (if I can say that in November without jinxing myself) and it's pretty much the best thing to ever happen. Typing is so much easier without gloves.

This is an old-ish building; I believe it's early 20th century because that's when people got serious about developing Hartford's West End. My apartment, I was told, was once the servants' quarters of a much larger living space. Nothing in any of the rooms works exactly as it should, e.g. none of the doors really close right.

But everything, from the peeling paint to the woven window shade in the pantry, is full of what real estate copy would call "character." I say pantry because I was told that is what this room was meant to be. I'm using it to store books and shoes..

Just a little shelf with no discernable purpose.

The kitchen shelves are built-ins like those in the pantry, and there's a little sliding door at the back through which, if I wanted, I could pass trays of food to myself in my living room/office. (It would come out below the shelves in the first photo, above.)

And the tub (this is also the first apartment I can recall living in with a real tub) has feet.

When I first thought of moving to Hartford I wanted to live downtown. For a minute I also wanted to live in South Green because I read that "it is said to have been the site of witches' gatherings in Puritan days."But I ended up in the West End and so far I'm very happy with it and its distinctive architecture. Speaking of which, there may be another post about this apartment in the future, because I didn't even get to the little designs in the molding around the doors, or the wooden ceiling beams, or the sun-room...

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  1. You are going to like the West End far, far, far more than you would have liked South Green. That would have been a big mistake.



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