Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Drive in Hartford

1. Look up directions to where you are going.
2. Add 15 minutes to the estimated travel time. If you will need to find parking at your destination, add another half an hour.
3. Start driving and realize you totally know where you are going anyway, no directions needed.
4. Forget about that one spot where if you don't get into the right/left/center lane on time, you will be funneled onto the highway/down a one-way side street/into a parking lot where you are not authorized to park.
5. In fixing your mistake, get lost.
6. Figure out, based on basic understanding of north in relation to south and the location of the tops of tall buildings, how to get back to where you were.
7. Turn onto a little road you've never heard of before that you think will lead you in the right direction.
8. Stop because the buildings on this now unremarkable little road are so beautiful/unusual/evocative of the city's most opulent and optimistic days that you just have to gaze at them for a minute.
9. Keep going, keep turning, keep trying to sort out which way is north.
10. Finally, find your way.

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