Friday, May 22, 2015

Salem Herbfarm

Here are some things I do not possess:

1. A house.
2. A yard.
3. A knowledge of plants.
4. The ability to keep any green thing alive for more than a week.
5. Any inclination to spend any time on my knees in dirt wearing over-sized canvas gloves.

And yet. Whenever I pass one of Connecticut's many garden centers - not the ones that sell only plants but the ones that double as free-outdoor entertainment - there I am, wandering between the rows of herbs and flowers and admiring the surroundings.

Everyone around me takes pots and bags of soil and loads them into their wagons like responsible adult garden center shoppers. I just take pictures.

These pictures are from Salem Herbfarm in Salem.

In addition to herbs and plants and all sorts of whimsical and practical garden accessories, they have doves and goats.

They have an emu and some very sophisticated-looking black-and-white chickens.

They have formal gardens (where they host weddings) and little bags of spices and a wall of terracotta pots and...

Well, just go. You'll see.

While you're at it, check out two other eclectic Salem spots, Panfili's - about which I wrote a post in 2013 - and Salem Feed & Grain.

If you're further north, go to Martha's Herbary in Pomfret. And if you're further south, try Smith's Acres in Niantic.

Or just drive around on Connecticut's back roads. You'll probably find a store that catches your eye with pretty flowers and sucks you in with creative displays and unusual gifts and general eccentricity.

(And if you know of another unique local garden center, please let me know in the comments!)

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